Taxation Service
In Macau, taxation is of territorial basis. In other words, the tax is primarily levied on Macau sourced as they are derived from or arisen in Macau within that basis period.
There are three categories of taxes levied for a year of assessment that ends on 31 December. They are Profits Tax, Salaries Tax and Property Tax respectively.
It is time and money consuming if the tax filing arranged not properly.
Our professionals try to help taxpayers to lessen their tax burden that allowed by laws. We will provide the suitable tax planning and professional advices according to clients’ unique situation and demand. Setting the strategy, supervising the operation, reviewing periodically, all are necessary steps that should be adopted in order to enjoy the best tax concession.
Our Service includes:
  • Profit Tax 
  1. Filing Corporation’s Profits Tax Return, Computation of Proposed Tax and Schedules;
  2. Acting as client’s tax representatives, preparation of tax appeal
  • Salaries Tax: 
  1. Computation of employees’ salaries tax.
  2. Preparation and filing of Employer’s Returns on employees’ remuneration and Tax Returns for individuals
  • Tax planning and advisory service